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Software Guides - The Techie Nerd

published 199 days, 18 hours, 8 minutes ago posted by asadashasadash 200 days, 23 hours, 28 minutes ago
Sunday, December 3, 2023 4:07:27 AM GMT Friday, December 1, 2023 10:46:56 PM GMT
All PostSoftwareHow To Add Canva Slides To Google Slides? Creating engaging and visually appealing presentations is essential in today’s digital world. Canva and Google Slides are two popular tools…Editorial Team/7 Best Animation Apps For Chromebook Chromebooks have become popular choices for students, professionals, and creative individuals alike due to their affordability and portability. If you…Editorial Team/Canva Enterprise vs Canva Pro (Detailed Guide) Canva has emerged as a powerhouse, offering... (more)
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The Techie Nerd | Tech Guides & Information

published 252 days, 11 hours, 4 minutes ago posted by asadashasadash 258 days, 11 hours, 38 minutes ago
Wednesday, October 11, 2023 11:11:22 AM GMT Thursday, October 5, 2023 10:37:04 AM GMT
Explore the world of technology with The Techie Nerd, a comprehensive platform that offers insights into the latest trends and innovations. (more)
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Upwork - Freelance Counsellor

posted by asadashasadash 350 days, 13 hours, 44 minutes ago
Wednesday, July 5, 2023 8:30:49 AM GMT
Upwork Guides All Post Upwork How to Buy Bids on…/Casper Feeney Upwork is a leading freelance platform that connects businesses with talented freelancers worldwide. If you’re a freelancer on Upwork, you…Read MoreBest Overview For Upwork Profile25/03/2023/Casper Feeney An Upwork profile overview is a brief introduction that highlights your skills, and expertise such as web development, digital marketing,…Read More4 Best Upwork Alternatives25/03/2023/Casper Feeney Upwork is one of the most popular online f... (more)
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