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Understanding NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID Error in Web Browsers

posted by saumya077saumya077 73 days, 2 hours, 58 minutes ago
Thursday, July 20, 2023 12:58:38 PM GMT

You're not the only one who has seen the annoying "NET::ERRCERTAUTHORITY_INVALID" error notice when surfing the internet. This perplexing issue is frequent and might interfere with your surfing. This post will explain what this problem means, why it occurs, and how to fix it so you may resume hassle-free web browsing.


The SSL/TLS error code NET::ERRCERTAUTHORITY_INVALID appears when your web browser is unable to verify the SSL certificate that a website has supplied to you. Security certificates for SSL (Secure Socket Layer) are essential for protecting data transit between your browser and the website's server. They guarantee the legitimacy of the website you're viewing and the encryption and safety of your data against unauthorized access.

Causes of the error code NET::ERRCERTAUTHORITY_INVALID

  • SSL Certificate Expiration: An SSL certificate that has expired is a frequent source of this problem. The normal validity duration for SSL certificates is between a few months and a few years. When the certificate expires, your browser is unable to confirm the legitimacy of the website, which results in an error.

  • Domain Name Mismatch: The SSL certificate is given out for a certain domain or subdomain. The browser will generate an error if the website's URL doesn't match the domain name in the certificate, indicating a possible security compromise.

  • Websites sometimes employ self-signed certificates rather than certificates from reputable Certificate Authorities (CAs). These self-signed certificates are flagged as possibly unsafe by the browser since it doesn't recognize them, which results in the error.

  • Some websites make use of SSL certificates issued by lesser-known or unreliable Certificate Authorities. If the certificate's issuer is not included in the list of trustworthy CAs that browsers preload, an error will appear.


  • Check your device's date and time settings; a bad time or date might interfere with the validation of certificates. Check that your time and date settings are correct before attempting to visit the website once again.

  • Clear the Cache in Your Browser: Cache data may sometimes prevent SSL certificate validation. Reload the website after clearing the cache, cookies, and history in your browser.

  • Update Your Browser: By keeping your browser current, you can be confident that it has the newest root certificates and security features. For your browser, check for updates and install any that are available.

  • If you believe the website to be trustworthy but nevertheless notice the issue, go on cautiously (not advised for regular users). In spite of the warning, choose the advanced settings and visit the website.

  • Examine for Firewall or Antivirus Interference: Some security applications may intercept SSL connections, leading to problems with certificate validation. Disable your firewall and antivirus software for a while to observe if the issue still occurs.

  • Check the URL of the website: Make sure the website's URL matches the domain on the SSL certificate by double-checking it. If it doesn't, you could be visiting a dangerous website, in which case you should exit right away.


Although running into the NET::ERRCERTAUTHORITY_INVALID issue might be frustrating, being aware of its causes and remedies can make you more comfortable using the internet. Always act with care when using unverified certificates since they might jeopardize the security of your data. You should be able to fix the issue and resume safe and secure surfing by using the troubleshooting procedures listed above. Have fun surfing!

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